A.   This article establishes in lieu parking districts that include any commercially zoned property located in the following areas:
      1.   The area bounded by the centerlines of the following streets: Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard north roadway, and Crescent Drive,
      2.   The area consisting of the properties that front on, or have a street side lot line adjacent to South Robertson Boulevard north of Whitworth Drive and south of Wilshire Boulevard,
      3.   The area consisting of the properties that front on South Santa Monica Boulevard west of Wilshire Boulevard and east of Moreno Drive,
   B.   Those properties which are zoned for commercial use and which comply with all the requirements of this article may participate in the respective in lieu parking districts and be permitted to satisfy all or part of the requirements for parking spaces by the payment to the city of an in lieu fee. The multiple-family residential-commercial parking zone (RMCP) shall be considered commercially zoned for the purposes of this section. (Ord. 15-O-2676, eff. 6-5-2015)