10-3-3017: RESTAURANTS:
The commission chair shall appoint a two (2) member restaurant subcommittee to review certain restaurant applications. The chair may select an alternate member or members in the event the restaurant subcommittee members are unable to meet within fourteen (14) days of an application filing that is subject to the provisions of this section. In the event a subcommittee meeting does not occur within fourteen (14) days, the matter shall be scheduled for the next available commission meeting.
Upon the filing of a complete application with the community development department for a project that requires architectural review and is solely related to a restaurant use, the following regulations shall apply:
   A.   Within fourteen (14) days of the date on which an application is deemed complete, the architectural commission shall review the application or the restaurant subcommittee of the architectural commission and the director, or his/her designee, shall meet for the purposes of determining whether the project is minor and not subject to review before the architectural commission. The architectural commission restaurant subcommittee decision that the project is minor must be unanimous, otherwise the matter shall be scheduled for the next available architectural commission meeting. Projects determined minor shall be approved by the director or designee.
   B.   For projects that require review before the architectural commission, the application shall be approved, approved with conditions, or denied in one meeting. The commission shall not have the authority to impose conditions of approval requiring further review by any authority other than the director, except as provided below. If no action is rendered at the meeting, the application shall be deemed denied.
      1.   The architectural commission may delegate final action to the restaurant subcommittee. If delegated, the restaurant subcommittee shall make a decision within fourteen (14) days after the architectural commission meeting unless the applicant requests an extension of this deadline. A unanimous approval of the restaurant subcommittee is required for the project to be approved. All other action by the restaurant subcommittee, including a failure of the subcommittee to meet within fourteen (14) days or the time period as extended upon request of the applicant, shall be determined to be a technical denial. Final decisions of the restaurant subcommittee pursuant to this subsection shall be appealable to the City Council pursuant to title 1, chapter 4, article 1 of this Code.
   C.   Applications that include a request for a sign accommodation shall comply with chapter 4 of this title, however, such applications shall not be subject to the public notice requirements in section 10-4-904 of this title.
   D.   Applications for temporary construction barricades that include graphics and will remain in place for less than six (6) months shall be approved or denied by the Director of Community Development. The Director may forward any construction barricade application to the Architectural Commission to be processed pursuant to subsection B of this section. Temporary construction barricades with graphics that will remain in place for a period of six (6) months or longer shall require Architectural Commission review pursuant to subsection B of this section. (Ord. 11-O-2615, eff. 12-16-2011)