10-3-3012: SITE PLANS:
A site plan shall be drawn to scale and shall indicate the following sufficiently for the consideration of visual, safety, and economic factors:
   A.   The dimensions and orientation of the parcel;
   B.   The location of the buildings and structures, both existing and proposed;
   C.   The location of off street parking and loading facilities;
   D.   The location and dimensions of present and proposed street and highway dedications required to handle the traffic generated by the proposed uses;
   E.   The location of the points of entry and exit for motor vehicles and the internal circulation pattern;
   F.   The location of walls and fences and the indication of their height and the materials of their construction;
   G.   An indication of the exterior lighting standards and devices adequate to review the possible hazards and disturbances to the public and adjacent properties;
   H.   The location and size of the exterior signs and outdoor advertising;
   I.   A preliminary landscaping plan;
   J.   The grading and slopes where they affect the relationship of the buildings;
   K.   An indication of the heights of buildings and structures;
   L.   An indication of the proposed use of the buildings shown on the site; and
   M.   Such other architectural and engineering data as may be required to permit the necessary findings that the provisions of this code are being complied with.
The requirements set forth in subsections A through M of this section may be waived by the director of planning if he deems the information not essential.
Where an attachment or minor addition to an existing building or structure is proposed, the site plan shall indicate the relationship of such proposal to the existing development. (Ord. 1223, eff. 3-1-1966; amd. Ord. 73-O-1493, eff. 11-1-1973)