10-3-3003: DUTIES:
Unless otherwise specified herein, the duties of the architectural commission shall be as follows:
   A.   Exercise the authority set forth in this article and as otherwise provided in this code;
   B.   In carrying out its duties pursuant to this code:
      1.   Review and authorize the overall conceptual design of a proposed structure, landscaping, and signs, recognizing that minor design details will change when construction drawings are prepared and during field construction;
      2.   Focus greater attention to overall design themes and less to ornamental design features, hardware, balcony railings, and other secondary features; and
      3.   Balance the desire for efficient application processing with the desire to ensure high quality architectural and landscape designs;
   C.   Develop educational material that aid project applicants in achieving high quality design standards and provide guidance to applicants;
   D.   Recommend and amend policies as it may deem necessary to implement the purposes of this article;
   E.   Participate in, promote, and conduct informational and educational programs pertaining to urban design in commercial and multi-family zones;
   F.   Develop a program to celebrate exemplary commercial and multi- family architecture, and landscape designs;
   G.   Perform any other functions that may be designated by resolution or motion of the city council. (Ord. 15-O-2673, eff. 3-6-2015)