A.   A violation of any provision of this article shall constitute a misdemeanor, and may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor unless prosecuted as a civil administrative matter pursuant to title 1, chapter 3, article 3 of this Code. Each and every protected tree removed or damaged in violation of this article shall constitute a separate offense.
   B.   In addition to any penalties imposed pursuant to subsection A of this section, any person who removes or damages a protected tree in violation of this article may be required to provide restitution to the City by either:
      1.   Planting a healthy replacement tree of the same or similar species and size as the tree removed or damaged, or
      2.   Paying a cash contribution to the City in an amount equal to the estimated replacement value of the removed or damaged tree as determined by an arborist approved by the City. (Ord. 93-O-2176, eff. 8-20-1993; amd. Ord. 00-O-2356, eff. 11-3-2000)