10-3-2881: USES PERMITTED:
Except as otherwise provided or restricted by this article, no lot, premises, building or portion thereof in the C-H (O) zone shall be used for any purpose except the following:
   A.   Uses permitted in the underlying zone.
   B.   Hotel uses, subject to prior approval of a conditional use permit by the planning commission, in accordance with article 38 of this chapter, except that no restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities, rooftop uses, pool amenities, commercial or service uses including, but not limited to, spas, salons, gift shops, or similar uses shall be permitted in the C-H (O) zone. In order to grant a conditional use permit for hotel uses as described in this subsection, the decision making body must make the following findings:
      1.   The proposed location of the hotel uses will not be detrimental to adjacent property or to the public welfare.
      2.   The proposed project is consistent with the city's general plan.
      3.   The proposed hotel uses will not impact the character of any surrounding residentially zoned areas.
      4.   Adequate parking exists on the property to serve the parking demands of the proposed hotel uses.
The planning commission may impose such conditions on the proposed hotel use as it deems appropriate to protect adjacent property and the public welfare from potential adverse impacts related to the proposed use.
   C.   Signage, subject to the standards established by the underlying R-4X2 zone. (Ord. 07-O-2511, 4-13-2007)