Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, upon application by a property owner in a form satisfactory to the director of planning and community development, the reviewing authority may issue an R-4 permit to the following development standards as provided within this chapter:
   A.   Subsections 10-3-2808B, C and E1 regarding rear setbacks;
   B.   Subsection 10-3-2804B regarding the height of buildings and rooftop bathroom facilities;
   C.   Section 10-3-2806 regarding the depth of required modulation;
   D.   Section 10-3-2809 regarding length of buildings;
   E.   Section 10-3-2813 regarding front yard paving.
   F.   Section 10-3-2819 to permit residential units above existing garages or carports.
   G.   Subsection 10-3-1238A regarding setback encroachments.
   H.   Subsection 10-3-2806E3b regarding the percentage of front facade of the first two (2) stories of a large scale multiple residential development that is required to be built to the front setback line; and
   I.   Section 10-3-2804 regarding extension of legally nonconforming height. (Ord. 96-O-2266, eff. 10-18-1996; amd. Ord. 96-O-2269, eff. 11-15-1996; Ord. 01-O-2388, eff. 1-4-2002; Ord. 03-O-2424, eff. 3-7-2003; Ord. 04-O-2453, eff. 10-10-2004; Ord. 15-O-2675, eff. 5-22-2015; Ord. 16-O-2699, eff. 3-18-2016; Ord. 19-O-2795, 12-10-2019)