No structure or element of a building may encroach into any front yard or street side yard of a multiple-family residential site area except the following:
   A.   A fence, gate, or wall that otherwise complies with the provisions of this chapter;
   B.   Roof eaves projecting no more than four feet (4') into such yard, provided that such eaves have been approved by the architectural commission. Gutters attached to such eaves may project up to an additional six inches (6") into such yards beyond the projection of the roof eave. In addition, downspouts and other drainage devices not projecting more than six inches (6") into such yards;
   C.   Balconies that comply with all of the following provisions:
      1.   The balcony does not project into the required yard more than three feet (3');
      2.   Any end of the balcony does not project beyond the corner of the building; and
      3.   The enclosure of the balcony does not exceed fifty four inches (54") in height;
   D.   Entries and exit stairs at or below the first floor level provided that handrails for such elements shall not exceed forty two inches (42") above the first floor level;
   E.    Basement garages provided no part of such structure is higher than two feet (2') below the finished level of the adjacent sidewalk and at least two feet (2') of soil depth is provided above the garage for planting purposes;
   F.   Architectural projections, such as half timbers, corbels, and window and door accents, but excluding balconies, projecting no more than twelve inches (12") into such yard. (Ord. 95-O-2239, eff. 7-7-1995; amd. Ord. 96-O-2266, eff. 10-18-1996; Ord. 96-O-2269, eff. 11-15-1996; Ord. 19-O-2795, 12-10-2019)