The director shall, within thirty (30) city business days of the filing of an application, approve and issue a zone clearance if a complete application has been submitted and the requirements of this article have been met; otherwise the zone clearance shall be denied. Notice of the approval or denial of the zone clearance shall be given to the applicant in writing by first class mail, postage prepaid, deposited in the course of transmission with the United States postal service within three (3) city business days of the date of such decision. If the application is denied, the director shall attach to the notice a statement of the reasons for the denial. The times set forth in this section shall not be extended except upon the written consent of the applicant. Any interested person may appeal the decision of the director to the hearing officer in accordance with this article. (Ord. 98-O-2301, eff. 7-2-1998; amd. Ord. 99-O-2319, eff. 1-5-1999; Ord. 99-O-2321, eff. 1-19-1999)