10-3-2750: MOBILE HOMES:
   A.   Use Criteria: A mobile home may be used as a residence in any single-family (one-family) residential zone if it meets all of the following requirements:
      1.   The mobile home complies with all development standards applicable to single-family (one-family) residences, including, but not limited to, setbacks, paving, height, materials, width, parking, and accessory structures:
      2.   The mobile home is manufactured and certified under the national mobile home construction and safety standards act of 1974;
      3.   The mobile home is installed and structurally fixed to an approved permanent foundation and in accordance with installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. The exterior wall covering shall extend to the ground or to the top of the foundation; provided, however, any exposed portion of the foundation shall be treated so as to provide a finished appearance with material such as stucco, veneered brick, decorative block, or other finish approved by the building official;
      4.   Plans, including plot, elevations, exterior materials, photographs, and other documents and specifications needed to assure compliance with city and state codes, shall be submitted at the time of the application for the permits required by this code;
      5.   In addition to any other permits required by this code, the following permits shall be obtained:
         a.   A building permit for the foundation system and any attached accessory structure not included in the mobile home at the factory, such as a porch or steps;
         b.   A plumbing permit for the connection of gas, water, and sewer to the mobile home; and
         c.   An electrical permit for the connection of electrical power to the mobile home; and
      6.   Vehicle license plates, certificates of ownership, and certificates of registration shall be surrendered to the building and safety division for forwarding to the appropriate state agencies.
   B.   Prohibition: Nothing in this section shall be construed to allow a mobile home to be used as a residence in any multiple- family (one-family) residential zone such that there is more than one structure used as a residence on such lot.
   C.   Mobile Home Defined: For the purposes of this section, "mobile home" shall mean a "mobile home" as defined in section 18211 of the Health and Safety Code of the state. (Ord. 82-O-1852, eff. 6-17-1982)