10-3-2745: DENSITY:
Except as may be expressly provided in this chapter, the maximum floor area ratio on any site area shall not exceed 2.0. For the purposes of this section, "site area" shall include only those portions of the site which are in a nonresidential zone, including the C-5 zone. (Ord. 1179, eff. 1-2-1964; amd. Ord. 1197, eff. 3-18-1965; Ord. 1260, eff. 1-19-1967; Ord. 67-O-1279, eff. 8-10-1967; Ord. 69-O-1339, eff. 3-20-1969; Ord. 69-O-1341, eff. 5-15-1969; Ord. 73-O-1463, eff. 3-22-1973; Ord. 75-O-1566, eff. 4-17-1975; Ord. 94-O-2193, eff. 3-4-1994)