Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, loading facilities for those two (2) lots east of Peck Drive which front on Wilshire Boulevard and those three (3) lots west of Peck Drive which front on Wilshire Boulevard may be located aboveground or belowground and may be accessed through the use of mechanical lifts if such loading facilities meet the following requirements:
   A.   All loading facilities shall be located on the above referenced lots and/or on adjacent lots located in an R-4 or R-4-P zone and being used for parking purposes. However, if such facilities are located in an R-4 or R-4-P zone, then the facilities shall be located at least fifty feet (50') away from any residential use.
   B.   All loading operations within an R-4 or R-4-P zone shall be permitted only within fully enclosed facilities.
   C.   All structures housing loading operations or access to loading facilities shall be designed to be compatible with nearby uses to the satisfaction of the planning commission, if planning commission review is otherwise required, and shall be designed to be architecturally compatible with the surrounding development to the satisfaction of the architectural commission.
   D.   All mechanical equipment and operations shall be designed and screened to minimize noise impacts on nearby properties to the satisfaction of the director of planning and community development.
   E.   If underground loading operations accessed by a mechanical lift are proposed as part of a planned development application or a development plan review application, then a loading operations plan shall be submitted in conjunction with that application. The loading operations plan shall, at a minimum, address the following issues:
      1.   Small deliveries and couriers;
      2.   Operation of doors, lifts and contingencies for mechanical failures of same;
      3.   Operational issues including frequency of deliveries, hours of deliveries, mode of deliveries, including the size of vehicles, types of goods delivered, access to all stories of the building, and trash collection; and
      4.   Noise levels from the mechanical equipment measured at the property line adjacent to a residential use in the R-4 zone.
   F.   Lift platforms shall have the following minimum dimensions:
      1.   Twenty five foot (25') length;
      2.   Twelve foot (12') width;
      3.   Fourteen foot (14') height clearance; and
      4.   Twenty five foot (25') contiguous maneuvering area. (Ord. 92-O-2145, eff. 8-7-1992)