A.   Functional Aspects Of Required Loading Spaces: Notwithstanding the minimum standards set forth in sections 10-3-2740 and 10-3-2741 of this article, a project applicant shall establish by evidence satisfactory to the reviewing authority that any loading space proposed to satisfy the requirements of this article will function in a manner adequate to accommodate the loading vehicles expected to serve the project.
   B.   Location Of Loading Spaces: Where the site or structure abuts an alley, access to loading spaces shall be from the alley. Alley accessed loading spaces shall be parallel to the alley unless the project applicant establishes one of the following:
      1.   Site constraints preclude construction of a parallel loading space or spaces; or
      2.   The alternative loading space configuration proposed by the project applicant meets the functional requirements of this article.
Loading spaces shall be directly accessible for the distribution of goods within the structure or use. For multi-story structures such access shall be direct to an elevator or stairway serving all stories. In order to meet the functional requirements of this article, loading spaces shall have a minimum maneuvering area as specified in section 10-3-2740 of this article. Said maneuvering area shall be contiguous to the end of the loading space and may include the width of the alley or street. (1962 Code § 10-762; amd. Ord. 74-O-1501, eff. 2-1-1974; Ord. 05-O-2488, eff. 12-8-2005)