Every multiple-family residential development, other than housing for the elderly and handicapped as defined under article 12.5 of this chapter and congregate housing for the elderly and disabled as defined under article 12.8 of this chapter, shall have one permanent guest parking space for each four (4) dwelling units, or any fraction thereof. Guest parking spaces shall not be reserved for exclusive use by residents of the development. Twenty five percent (25%) of such spaces may be compact. Additionally, tandem parking or a maximum of fifty percent (50%) compact spaces may be approved pursuant to discretionary review of the project. All such parking shall comply with the applicable regulations set forth in the minimum parking standards adopted pursuant to section 10-3-2727 of this article. All such parking shall also be readily accessible by visitors to the development and designated in a manner that gives notice to visitors of the availability of such parking. The manner of access, designation, and location of guest parking spaces shall be subject to the approval of the director of transportation and engineering. (Ord. 89-O-2082, eff. 12-7-1989; amd. Ord. 05-O-2479, eff. 9-2-2005)