An "alternative parking facility", as defined in section 10-3-100 of this chapter, may be used to meet the parking requirements of section 10-3-2730 of this chapter provided the alternative parking facility and the use(s) for which it provides required parking do not include medical uses and are located in a commercial zone on property with a site area not exceeding sixteen thousand (16,000) square feet, and subject to the following:
   A.   Conditional Use Permit Required: A conditional use permit, issued pursuant to the provisions of article 38 of this chapter, shall be obtained prior to any alternative parking facility commencing provision of required parking spaces for any use.
   B.   Standards: All alternative parking facilities authorized by a conditional use permit shall comply with the following standards:
      1.   Except for required ingress and egress, all alternative parking facilities shall be fully enclosed. Alternative parking facilities located above grade shall be set back at least forty feet (40') from the front property line and portions of buildings that contain alternative parking facilities shall be subject to architectural review;
      2.   Staging and queuing of vehicles shall occur on private property within a reasonable distance from the alternative parking facility and shall not impede travel and access within the public right of way;
      3.   The alternative parking facility shall be operated by one or more parking attendants, as determined through the conditional use permit process, at all times during the hours of operation, so that it is valet operated to service the use needs of the commercial facility for which it provides required parking;
      4.   The design of the alternative parking facility shall meet all applicable California building codes, as approved by the community development department;
      5.   An alternative parking facility shall comply with all applicable development standards, including those set forth in article 16.5 of this chapter, and excluding the city's minimum parking standards if modifications to those standards are approved as part of the conditional use permit;
         a.   The reviewing authority may condition an alternative parking facility to modify standards relating to minimum parking stall size, minimum drive aisle width, and drive aisle parking spaces, provided the applicant demonstrates that the facility will accommodate a range of vehicle types and will not have an adverse impact on the efficiency of the parking operation or the safety of people or property.
   C.   Information Required For Application: Application submittals for an alternative parking facility conditional use permit shall include information that the director of community development deems to be necessary to determine whether the alternative parking facility can adequately meet the parking needs of the proposed development and determine that no substantial negative impacts will result from the facility. At a minimum, the following shall be provided as part of the conditional use permit application:
      1.   Site Plan: Submittal of a site plan prepared by a design professional indicating all structures; the alternative parking facility location; number of required parking stalls; site ingress and egress; proposed queuing location; and the identification of adjacent land uses;
      2.   Operations Plan: Submittal of an alternative parking facility operations plan describing the broadest range of operating hours allowed for the commercial use(s) to be served by the alternative parking facility; the number of parking attendants and working hours; methods for automobile storage and retrieval during and outside of regular business hours; vehicle drop off and pick up location(s) for customers; vehicle circulation path; location of staging area for vehicles waiting to enter the alternative parking facility. The operations plan shall also describe, with regard to the mechanical parking lifts and automobile elevators: maintenance schedules and additional parts inventory requirements to maintain optimal operations;
      3.   Technical Studies: Submittal of technical studies demonstrating that the proposed design and operation of the alternative parking facility will not be detrimental to surrounding uses and properties with regard to noise, visual impacts, area parking and circulation, and existing on site improvements;
      4.   Disabled Access Parking: Submittal of evidence that the parking provided will comply with all applicable disabled access requirements;
      5.   Backup Power: Prior to issuance of building permits, the applicant shall provide documentation that the alternative parking facility will be equipped with backup generators with sufficient capacity to allow operation of the parking system in the case of electrical failure. In an alternative parking facility with multiple automobile elevators, mechanical lifts, or both, each elevator and lift shall be individually operable such that mechanical failure of one would not prevent use of the others.
   D.   Findings: In addition to the findings outlined in article 38 of this chapter, a conditional use permit shall only be issued if the planning commission finds that:
      1.   The proposed location of the alternative parking facility will not be detrimental to adjacent property or to the public welfare;
      2.   Due to circumstances such as lot size, lot shape, lot location, or other existing conditions of the site, the applicant has demonstrated that an alternative parking facility is a reasonable method of providing code required parking;
      3.   The use of an alternative parking facility enhances the design of the proposed project and does not result in a substantial adverse impact to the character of the surrounding area;
      4.   The proposed alternative parking facility and operation thereof will not create any material adverse traffic or parking impacts, traffic safety hazards, pedestrian-vehicle conflicts, or pedestrian safety hazards.
   E.   Conditions Of Approval: The reviewing authority may impose any conditions that are necessary to address any potential adverse impacts resulting from the construction and use of an alternative parking facility to provide required parking, including, but not limited to:
      1.   Inspection Report: A maintenance inspection report and usage report for any alternative parking facility, prepared at the sole expense of the applicant, shall be submitted at any time upon request from the community development department and no less than every six (6) months for review by the city.
      2.   Service Contract: The owner of the alternative parking facility shall at all times maintain one of more contracts with an entity or entities that provides maintenance and twenty four (24) hour emergency service for all the aspects of the alternative parking facility, including, but not limited to, any automobile elevators and, mechanical parking lifts installed in the alternative parking facility.
      3.   Valet Drop Off: If valet drop off locations associated with a property utilizing an alternative parking facility are proposed on city streets, excluding alleys, there shall be valet drop off space to accommodate a minimum of three (3) vehicles.
      4.   Provision Of Luxury Service Or Product: Unless otherwise authorized by the reviewing authority, a conditional use permit for an alternative parking facility must be for a use providing a luxury service or product, such as, but not limited to, a restaurant whose chef or operator has operated or is operating a Michelin star rated restaurant, or a luxury brand retail establishment, as determined by the city council in its discretion.
      5.   Review: If granted a parking reduction pursuant to subsection B5 of this section, the project's parking shall be reviewed by either the city council or planning commission after six (6) months and one year of commencement of the use. If the reviewing body determines the reduced parking is insufficient, the applicant shall be required to make arrangements to provide sufficient parking either through the in lieu parking program, if available, providing additional covenanted parking spaces, or other means, as directed by the reviewing body.
   F.   Pilot Program: The conditional use permit for an alternative parking facility authorized by this section is a pilot program. The city council or planning commission may take action pursuant to this section on up to five (5) applications. Unless the city council extends this section, this section shall be repealed after one year of operational experience with each of the five (5) projects. (Ord. 16-O-2712, eff. 12-22-2016; Ord. 22-O-2858, eff. 3-18-2022)