A.   Permits Required: As a condition precedent to the temporary storage of new automobiles in an off street parking facility required by the provisions of section 10-3-2730 of this chapter, a permit shall be obtained from the building and safety division by the owner of such facility, or his authorized agent, in accordance with the provisions of this section.
   B.   Term Of Permits: Any permit issued pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not exceed a period of three (3) months after the date of its issuance.
   C.   Renewal: If the renewal of any permit issued under this section is desired, the permittee shall, at least ten (10) days prior to the expiration date of the existing permit, submit an application for renewal and furnish therewith all the information required under this section for a new permit.
   D.   Transfer Of Permit: Permits issued under this section shall not be transferable.
   E.   Issuing Authority: The issuing authority shall be the city building official.
   F.   Applications; Form: The application form shall contain the following information:
      1.   The name and business address of the applicant;
      2.   The address of the off street parking facility within which it is desired to temporarily store new automobiles;
      3.   The number of off street parking spaces desired to be utilized for the temporary storage of new automobiles; and
      4.   Information showing that the requested spaces will not be required for normal use during the period of the permit applied for.
   G.   Investigation Fee: The filing of any original or renewal application referred to in this section shall be accompanied by a payment to the city of the sum of twenty five dollars ($25.00) as an investigation fee.
   H.   Requirements And Conditions: The permits issued pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be subject to the following requirements and conditions:
      1.   The new vehicles for which temporary storage is requested shall belong to a firm doing business in the city;
      2.   Any permit issued may be cancelled on seven (7) days' notice upon a finding by the city building official that the spaces are required for normal use;
      3.   Off street parking spaces used for temporary storage of new automobiles shall comply with all occupancy requirements of this code; and
      4.   Reasonable conditions may be imposed by the city building official in issuing the permit in order to protect the city and ensure that the intent of the off street parking requirements is carried out. (Ord. 1247, eff. 8-18-1966)