A.   Commercial Zones: No building, structure, or improvement, or any part thereof, erected, constructed, or maintained in a commercial zone shall exceed forty five feet (45') in height, measured as set forth in this chapter, or three (3) stories, whichever is less.
   B.   Application Of Provisions To Existing Buildings: Nothing contained in this section shall apply to existing buildings in their present size and height to make them unlawful, but the provisions and limitations of this section shall apply to any alteration or addition to existing and future buildings.
   C.   Application Of Provisions To Existing Variances: Nothing contained in this section shall be deemed to waive any condition, covenant, or restriction in variances heretofore granted. (1962 Code § 10-735; amd. Ord. 1179, eff. 1-2-1964; Ord. 1202, eff. 5-20-1965; Ord. 1260, eff. 1-19-1967; Ord. 67-O-1279, eff. 8-10-1967; Ord. 69-O-1339, eff. 3-20-1969; Ord. 69-O-1341, eff. 5-15-1969; Ord. 75-O-1566, eff. 4-17-1975; Ord. 94-O-2193, eff. 3-4-1994)