10-3-2608: SIDE SETBACKS:
Except as otherwise provided in this section, and except as otherwise provided in section 10-3-2606 of this chapter for street side setbacks, the side setback for site areas located in Trousdale Estates shall be five feet (5').
   A.   Exception: For those buildings located on site areas that consist of two (2) or more lots as subdivided on July 3, 1984, the side setback shall be twenty feet (20').
   B.   Additional Setback Required: In addition to any other side setback required, if the width of a site area exceeds one hundred feet (100'), then the side setback shall be increased by ten percent (10%) of the width in excess of one hundred feet (100').
   C.   Side Setback Prolongation: If a legally constructed existing building does not conform to the setback requirements of this section, the building may be enlarged through the prolongation of the existing, nonconforming, side setback provided that the existing setback is not less than three feet (3') and the enlarged portion of the building does not exceed fourteen feet (14') in height.
      1.   Trousdale R-1 Permit: If a building lawfully exceeded fourteen feet (14') in height on October 15, 1987, then a side setback prolongation authorized by this subsection C may exceed fourteen feet (14') in height if permitted by a Trousdale R-1 permit issued pursuant to article 26.5 of this chapter. (Ord. 85-O-1953, eff. 7-4-1985; amd. Ord. 86-O-1977, eff. 10-2-1986; Ord. 92-O-2147, eff. 9-4-1992; Ord. 95-O-2239, eff. 7-7-1995)