A.   The reviewing authority may issue a Hillside R-1 permit to allow Hillside projects that have submitted a substantially complete application for building permit between January 11, 2018, and the effective date of ordinance 18-O-2751 that are not otherwise exempt from the regulations contained in ordinance 18-O-2751, to build in compliance with the zoning standards that existed immediately before ordinance 18-O-2751 took effect, provided that in order to approve a Hillside R-1 permit pursuant to this section, the reviewing authority must find as follows:
      1.   The project is consistent with the Zoning Code as it existed the day prior to the effective date of ordinance 18-O-2751;
      2.   The project will not have a substantial adverse impact on the visual character of the area as viewed from streets and neighboring properties;
      3.   The project will not have a substantial adverse impact on: the scale, integrity, or character of the area; the privacy of neighboring properties; neighbor's access to light and air; or on the streetscape; and,
      4.   The project will not have a substantial adverse impact on the garden quality of the City.
   B.   The reviewing authority may consider haul routes, scheduling, the total number of construction-related vehicle trips associated with the project as a whole, phasing and safety precautions proposed, and any other factors that may impact the public's health, safety or welfare in the Hillside R-1 permit application. This section shall no longer be applicable once all pending pipeline projects have been processed. Further, the provisions in this section establishing the temporary R-1 permit process for projects currently under review shall sunset two (2) years after the effective date of ordinance 18-O-2751. All other provisions of ordinance 18-O-2751 shall remain in effect.
   C.   Projects eligible for this temporary R-1 permit are Hillside Area projects for which substantially complete applications for a building permit were submitted for building plan check between January 11, 2018 and the effective date of ordinance 18-O-2751 where the scope of work includes:
      1.   A new single family home; or
      2.   Increasing the cumulative floor area on site by more than fifty percent (50%) beyond what previously existed on the site; or
      3.   Landform alteration that exceeds the amended threshold set forth in ordinance 18-O-2751. (Ord. 18-O-2751, eff. 4-6-2018)