Within any five (5) year period, the total cubic yards that may be cut and filled on any site in the Hillside Area, including excavation for basements, shall be calculated as follows:
   C = 1,000 + 1 (A/10)
For the purpose of this formula:
   C = The total cubic yards of grading work (cut and fill combined) that can be performed on a site within a five-year period
   A = Total site area in square feet
The following is an example of the application of this formula to a site that is thirty thousand (30,000) square feet in area:
   C = 1,000 + 1 (30,000/10)
   C = 1,000 + 1 (3,000)
   C = 1,000 + 3,000
   C = 4,000 cubic yards of cut and fill (combined) permitted.
However, within any five (5) year period, no more than three thousand (3,000) cubic yards of earth material may be imported or exported from a site in the Hillside Area.
Notwithstanding any other ordinance or provision of this Code, including, but not limited to, this section, within any five (5) year period: No more than one thousand five hundred (1,500) cubic yards of earth material may be imported or exported from a site in the Hillside Area that is immediately adjacent to a street that is less than twenty four feet (24') wide, unless a Hillside R-1 permit is issued pursuant to subsection 10-3-2550A of this chapter.
For the purposes of calculating earthwork quantities, all calculations shall be based on in-ground earth volumes, regardless of compaction or expansion percentage. Further, all earthwork calculations shall include but not be limited to basement excavations, retaining walls, site grading, foundation work, and excavations for piling work.
The limitations set forth in this section may be modified by a Hillside R-1 permit issued pursuant to article 25.5 of this chapter. (Ord. 18-O-2751, eff. 4-6-2018)