No structure or element of a building may encroach into any front yard, except the following:
   A.   A fence, gate, or wall that otherwise complies with the requirements of this code;
   B.   Paving in accordance with section 10-3-2518 of this article;
   C.   Roof eaves not exceeding a maximum vertical dimension of twelve inches (12") and projecting not more than eighteen inches (18") into such yards. Gutters attached to such eaves may project up to an additional six inches (6") into such yards beyond the projection of the roof eave. In addition, downspouts and other drainage devices not projecting more than six inches (6") into such yards;
   D.   One covered entry porch, located at or below the first floor level, that is a maximum of four feet (4') in depth and which has no vertical supporting elements;
   E.   Architectural projections, such as half timbers, corbels, and window and door accents, projecting no more than six inches (6") into such yard. (Ord. 85-O-1953, eff. 7-4-1985; amd. Ord. 95-O-2239, eff. 7-7-1995; Ord. 19-O-2795, 12-10-2019)