A.   Except as provided otherwise in subsection B of this section, no single-family residence in a Central R-1 zone shall be erected, constructed, altered or remodeled unless the elevations and plans for the exterior portions and areas have been first reviewed and approved by the design review commission or the director of community development in accordance with the provisions of article 44 of this chapter.
   B.   Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, the design review procedures set forth in article 44 of this chapter shall not apply to the following:
      1.   Remodels of single-family residences in a Central R-1 zone that do not materially change the appearance of the structure as viewed from the street. (Ord. 04-O-2444, eff. 5-21-2004; amd. Ord. 05-O-2472, eff. 6-17-2005)