This section is intended to require design and implementation of a landscaping plan prior to occupancy of a new development in order to ensure that landscaping is not ignored in the design and construction process. However, this section is not intended to require a specific type or standard of landscaping.
For the purposes of this section, "landscaping" shall mean the development of the open space on a property with plantings, such as trees, bushes, shrubs, hedges, lawns, other live ground cover, or greenery. Landscaping may include nonliving decorative treatment, such as walls, fences, curbs, groupings of rock, or similar accent material, interspersed with plantings, but shall not include paving.
   A.   All unpaved portions of a front yard shall be improved and maintained with landscaping.
   B.   Each proposal for the construction of a single-family residence shall be accompanied by a landscaping plan that is designed with the goal of maintaining the garden quality of the City of Beverly Hills. Prior to final inspection of a new residence, the property owner shall attest, on a form provided by the City, that the subject site area has been planted in accordance with the landscaping plan.
The landscaping plan shall include a minimum two foot (2') wide landscaped area the length of each required side yard, except in portions of the side yard occupied by approved accessory structures, approved elevators or elevator enclosures, a permitted swimming pool, or a driveway, including a driveway covered by a porte-cochere, in accordance with sections 10-3-2419 and 10-3-2422 of this article. (Ord. 17-O-2723, eff. 2-10-2017)