Game courts in the Central Area of the city shall be subject to the following regulations:
   A.   No game court or game court fence shall be located on a through lot, within a front yard, between a principal residence and a front setback line, or over or on top of any building or structure unless the city council finds, after notice and a hearing pursuant to the provisions of article 24.5 of this chapter, that such court or fence will not have a substantial adverse visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood, will not create an unusual noise impact, and will not have an adverse impact on public safety.
   B.   Notwithstanding any other regulation set forth in this chapter, the maximum allowable height of game court fences constructed at least five feet (5') from all side, street side and rear property lines shall be twelve feet (12') and the maximum allowable height of lighting standards for game courts located at least five feet (5') from all side, street side and rear property lines shall be twenty two feet (22').
   C.   Game court fences and game court lighting standards located within five feet (5') of a side, street side, or rear property line shall comply with the height requirements for fences set forth in section 10-3-2420 of this article, unless otherwise permitted by a Central R-1 permit issued pursuant to article 24.5 of this chapter.
   D.   All game court fences shall be constructed of open wire mesh or similar material, except that a game court fence may include a retaining wall that does not exceed a maximum height of seven feet (7') provided that the cumulative height of the retaining wall and the fence does not exceed twelve feet (12'). (Ord. 77-O-1652, eff. 6-2-1977; amd. Ord. 80-O-1771, eff. 10-16-1980; Ord. 92-O-2147, eff. 9-4-1992; Ord. 95-O-2239, eff. 7-7-1995; Ord. 01-O-2384, eff. 11-2-2001; Ord. 02-O-2403, eff. 9-6-2002)