10-3-2402: FLOOR AREA:
The following minimum and maximum floor area restrictions shall apply to buildings in the Central Area of the city:
   A.   Minimum Restrictions: Any building that serves as the primary residential building on a site area shall have a minimum floor area of one thousand six hundred (1,600) square feet and shall have a minimum width, at its widest point, of twenty feet (20').
   B.   Maximum Restrictions: The cumulative floor area of all buildings located on a single site area in a single-family residential zone in the Central Area of the city shall not exceed one thousand five hundred (1,500) square feet plus forty percent (40%) of the site area on which those buildings are built.
Further, if a portion of a site area is to be dedicated to the city for the purposes of establishing or enlarging a street or an alley, and such dedication is to be made in conjunction with a development approval, then, for the purposes of calculating the maximum permitted floor area for the proposed development pursuant to this section, the site area shall include that portion of the site area that is to be dedicated to the city. However, the dedicated area shall not be included in the calculation of floor area for subsequent development, including additions to the original development.
The maximum floor area restrictions set forth in subsection B of this section may be modified by a Central Area R-1 permit issued pursuant to article 24.5 of this chapter. (Ord. 89-O-2056, eff. 4-20-1989; amd. Ord. 95-O-2239, eff. 7-7-1995)