10-3-2355: USES PERMITTED:
All uses permitted and conditionally permitted in the T zone shall be permitted and conditionally permitted, respectively, in the T-O zone pursuant to the provisions set forth in article 23 of this chapter. In addition, the following uses shall be permitted in the T-O zone:
   A.   Surface parking, subject to the restrictions set forth in section 10-3-2356 of this article. Any site area, as defined by this chapter, developed with surface parking pursuant to this provision may also include within the T-O zone a building, or portion of a building, with a gross area of two hundred seventy five (275) square feet, provided such building is used primarily to support the surface parking use.
   B.   Any accessory structure located on the site area within the T-O zone, including, but not limited to, storage tanks, light standards, freestanding signs, landscape planters, and walls or fences, which was erected prior to June 19, 2001; provided such accessory structure is used primarily to support the surface parking use authorized by subsection A of this section and further provided the property owner submits a scaled plot plan to the department of planning and community development by August 19, 2001. Said plot plan shall be drawn to a reasonable scale and shall include such information as the director of planning and community development may reasonably require. (Ord. 01-O-2377, eff. 8-10-2001)