10-3-2302: USES PERMITTED:
No building, structure, improvement, or premises shall be used, and no building, structure, or improvement shall be erected, constructed, altered, enlarged, or maintained on any lot or parcel of land in zone T-1 or zone T-2 except for the following purposes:
Railway transportation; and
Stations, depots, or other structures necessary or convenient for railway passengers, freight, or other strictly railroad or railway business in conjunction with railroad service conducted in such zones.
Additionally, surface parking shall be a permitted use on those properties designated for parking on the "T zone parking map" approved by the city council and on file in the department of planning and community development. For the purposes of this section, surface parking includes, without limitation, vehicular access to adjacent properties, and staging for construction, film production and similar purposes. (1962 Code § 10-425; amd. Ord. 97-O-2274, eff. 2-7-1997)