10-3-2032: USE OF LOT 7:
That portion of the P-S zone west of Foothill Road comprised of lot 7 of block 17 of tract 5647, is to be considered primarily for use for the circulation of vehicles between Third Street and Civic Center Drive.
   A.   No building or structure, whether developed by the city or private entity, shall be constructed or erected in a manner that would permanently prevent or obstruct vehicular circulation at natural grade through this property unless the project is approved by the planning commission pursuant to section 10-3-2034 of this article. The central fueling facility as reviewed by the planning agency on April 22, 1998, shall not be considered to be an obstruction of vehicular circulation at natural grade.
   B.   For the purpose of this section, "prevent or obstruct vehicular circulation" shall mean the interruption or absence of a continuous pathway of adequate width and height clearance to allow municipal service and emergency vehicles to travel through. For the purpose of this section, "at natural grade" shall mean within five feet (5') of the grade indicated on the city's 1963 topographic map. (98-O-2307, eff. 9-11-1998)