For each development in the C-5 zone that requires planning commission review as part of the development plan review procedure, the planning commission shall condition such development upon compliance with a limit on the number of peak hour trips that may be generated by that development. The trip generation limit set by the planning commission shall not exceed the number of trips that would be generated by the development if the floor area of each proposed use in the development were increased in proportion to its proposed floor area so that the floor area ratio of the entire development equaled 2.0.
The number of trips to be generated by a proposed use shall be estimated based on trip generation estimates for that use contained in the most recent "Institute Of Traffic Engineers' Trip Generation Manual". If the "Institute Of Traffic Engineers' Trip Generation Manual" does not contain a trip generation estimate for a proposed use, then the applicant for the development plan review approval shall provide the planning commission with expert evidence from a licensed traffic engineer establishing an estimate of the trip generation for the proposed use, satisfactory to the city engineer.
The applicant for the development plan review approval shall fund the city's program to monitor and enforce compliance with the trip generation limit established pursuant to this section. (Ord. 94-O-2193, eff. 3-4-1994)