10-3-2001: USES PERMITTED:
Except as otherwise provided or restricted by this article, no lot, premises, building or portion thereof in the C-5 zone shall be used for any purpose except the following:
Ancillary retail/service/restaurant uses that are located in a building primarily used for commercial office purposes. Retail/service/restaurant uses shall include the following uses:
   Arts/crafts store.
Clothes dry cleaning, subject to the restrictions of article 16 of this chapter.
   Confectionery store.
   Gift shop.
   Interior design studio.
   Notion shop.
   Office convenience store.
   Photography shop.
Restaurant or cafe, except drive-up, drive-in or drive- through facilities and those restaurants or cafes specified in section 10-3-2003 of this chapter.
   Shoe repair shop.
   Stationery store.
Those uses determined by the director of planning and community development to be similar to the uses specifically enumerated in this use.
   Bank uses.
   Electrical receiving or transforming station uses.
   Office uses.
Public or private utility uses. (1962 Code § 10-412; amd. Ord. 94-O-2193, eff. 3-4-1994)