The following design standards shall be incorporated into all adaptive reuse developments in the C-3 (AR) zone:
   A.   Noise Attenuation:
      1.   All dwelling units shall be constructed with double glazed glass windows.
      2.   The exterior walls of all dwelling units, and any interior walls or floor/ceilings that separate dwelling units from commercial uses shall comply with the sound transmission standards set forth in sections 1208 and 1208A of the Uniform Building Code, as amended by the 1998 California Building Code, or their successors.
      3.   All dwelling units shall be equipped with internal air conditioning.
   B.   Odors: Air conditioning systems for the residential component shall be located and designed in a manner sufficient to prevent adverse impacts from odors generated by the commercial component.
   C.   Miscellaneous:
      1.   Parking spaces for commercial tenants and their customers shall be physically separated from parking spaces for residents of the adaptive reuse development. The adaptive reuse development may provide a common entry driveway to access the commercial and residential parking areas; provided, that once inside the parking facility separate parking areas are provided for residential and commercial uses and entry to the parking area for the residential component is restricted to prohibit access by patrons and tenants of the commercial component.
      2.   The entrance(s) to the residential uses of an adaptive reuse development shall be restricted to prohibit access to the residential component by patrons and tenants of the commercial component. (Ord. 03-O-2422, eff. 3-7-2003)