Balconies, patios and certain architectural features in an adaptive reuse development in the C-3 (AR) zone shall maintain the following setbacks:
   A.   Balconies: An adaptive reuse development may include balconies that comply with all of the following provisions:
      1.   The balcony does not project more than twenty four inches (24") into any required or existing setback;
      2.   The total length of the balcony at any one story does not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the length of the wall on which it is located;
      3.   The end of any balcony is not closer than three feet (3') to the front or rear corner of the building; and
      4.   The enclosure of the balcony does not exceed fifty four inches (54") in height.
   B.   Eaves: Roof eaves projecting no more than twenty inches (20") into the required or existing setback, provided that such eaves have been approved by the architectural commission.
   C.   Architectural Projections: Architectural projections, such as half timbers, corbels, bay windows, and window and door accents, but excluding balconies, projecting no more than twelve inches (12") into the required or existing setback. (Ord. 03-O-2422, eff. 3-7-2003)