Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, parking for adaptive reuse developments located in the C-3 (AR) zone shall be provided in accordance with this section.
   A.   Parking for all uses in an adaptive reuse development shall be provided in accordance with the applicable provisions of this chapter.
   B.   An adaptive reuse development shall provide parking for the commercial and residential components that is physically separated. The adaptive reuse development may provide a common entry driveway to access the commercial and residential parking areas; provided, that once inside the parking facility separate parking areas are provided for residential and commercial uses and entry to the parking area for the residential component is restricted to prohibit access by patrons and tenants of the commercial component.
   C.   Parking requirements for residential units in the adaptive reuse development may be satisfied through the use of tandem parking. Tandem parking may only be used to satisfy the parking needs for units that require more than one parking space.
   D.   Guest parking for residential units may be provided in the commercial parking area of an adaptive reuse development. In addition, fractions of residential parking spaces (0.5 or more) required for any dwelling unit may be located in the commercial parking area if approved by the reviewing authority as part of a planned development pursuant to article 18.4 of this chapter. (Ord. 03-O-2422, eff. 3-7-2003)