A.   Landscaping Plans: The setback area required pursuant to the provisions of section 10-3-1952 of this article shall be improved with landscaping in conformance with a plan which meets all of the following criteria and which has been reviewed and approved by the architectural commission in accordance with section 10-3-3007 of this chapter:
      1.   Landscaping shall be of a type and density to provide a texture, buffer, or screen between nonresidential and residential zones as deemed appropriate for the location by the architectural commission.
      2.   Landscaping shall be of a type and size which will provide such texture, buffer, or screen to a reasonable extent when initially planted and which will grow to a size and configuration to achieve the full intent of such buffer within a reasonable amount of time.
      3.   Plants shall be of an appropriate type so as to minimize the dropping of leaves or needles onto adjacent properties or alleys or shall be capable of being readily maintained so as to minimize such dropping.
      4.   Plants shall have a root structure which will not displace or damage paved areas and which will not interfere with nearby utility systems.
   B.   Landscaping Maintenance: Such landscaping shall be maintained in accordance with the provisions of a landscape maintenance plan approved by the architectural commission which shall provide for the irrigation, fertilization, trimming and replacement of plants on a schedule appropriate to the types and quantities of plants utilized in such landscaping. (Ord. 81-O-1797, eff. 6-11-1981; amd. Ord. 96-O-2270, eff. 11-27-1996)