10-3-1938: DENSITY:
   A.   Maximum Floor Area Ratio: Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, a mixed use development in the M-PD-2 zone, including all components, shall have a maximum aggregate floor area ratio no greater than 2.5 to one (2.5:1). Above grade parking facilities shall not be considered when calculating the floor area ratio of a mixed use development pursuant to this section, provided that any above grade level(s) containing parking facilities are separated from any street frontage by a permitted use other than parking.
   B.   Maximum Commercial Floor Area: The maximum permitted floor area devoted to commercial uses in the M-PD-2 zone shall be forty thousand (40,000) square feet.
   C.   Maximum Number Of Residential Units: The number of residential units that may be included in a mixed use development in the M-PD-2 zone shall not exceed one dwelling unit per one thousand seven hundred (1,700) square feet of residential floor area or eighty eight (88) dwelling units, whichever is greater. (Ord. 02-O-2417, eff. 1-3-2003)