The objectives of the M-PD-2 zone shall be as follows:
   A.   To ensure that mixed use development in the M-PD-2 zone is consistent with the general plan and any specific plans adopted for the area.
   B.   To ensure that mixed use development in the M-PD-2 zone will not adversely affect existing and anticipated development in the vicinity and will promote harmonious development of the area.
   C.   To provide for mixed use development that is compatible with the scale and massing of the surrounding neighborhood, through appropriate height, modulation, upper story setbacks, and/or other similar measures.
   D.   To provide pedestrian friendly amenities along the street level, and setbacks that are generally consistent with other development along the west side of Crescent Drive between Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard (south roadway).
   E.   To promote a combination of land uses and densities within the M-PD-2 zone that will not unduly induce significantly greater traffic to nearby neighborhood streets; provided, however, that achievement of this objective is to be balanced with other public policy considerations in the event that such considerations are found to be of an overriding nature.
   F.   To ensure that mixed use development in the M-PD-2 zone will not create any significant, adverse traffic safety hazards, pedestrian-vehicle conflicts, or pedestrian safety hazards and will minimize impediments to vehicular circulation and pedestrian safety.
   G.   To foster uniform planning and development of all parcels in the M-PD-2 zone to ensure unified development in the overlay zone.
   H.   To protect the public health, safety or general welfare. (Ord. 02-O-2417, eff. 1-3-2003)