10-3-1862: DEFINITIONS:
Unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions shall govern the construction of this article:
ANCILLARY COMMERCIAL: Commercial uses that are ancillary to an entertainment talent agency business, such as food service, reprographics, newsstands, and similar service oriented activities.
ENTERTAINMENT TALENT AGENCY: A business establishment with representation in multiple sectors of the entertainment industry, including, for example, motion pictures, television, music, modeling, Broadway theater, sports, book publishing, and commercial endorsements.
OVERLAY ZONE: A zoning district which governs the same territory as an underlying zone, but provides alternative development standards for a specified type of development or use.
PLANNED DEVELOPMENT: A development that is approved pursuant to the procedures of article 18.4 of this chapter.
TANDEM SPACE: A parking space that can only be accessed through another parking space.
UNDERLYING ZONE: The primary zone designation which would govern development on a particular site if such development were not otherwise governed by an overlay zone. (Ord. 07-O-2542, eff. 1-18-2008)