The objectives of the E-O-PD overlay zone shall be as follows:
   A.   To provide additional opportunities to locate a quality major entertainment talent agency that would not otherwise be allowed by the underlying zone due to height and floor area ratio limitations, in order to maintain and strengthen the economic base of the city;
   B.   To encourage the development and redevelopment of the property at 231-265 North Beverly Drive to provide for single- and multi-tenant entertainment talent agency businesses not currently available in the city;
   C.   To provide for the enhancement of employment and commerce within the project area by locating new entertainment talent agency offices in the area;
   D.   To provide retail/commercial and entertainment talent agency business uses responsive to the city's needs and regional market forces;
   E.   To encourage the provision of pedestrian friendly amenities at the street level;
   F.   To augment the city's economic base by providing tax generating revenues from sales from the retail/commercial stores, increased business license fees from the entertainment talent agency business, and increased assessed land and building values, which should generate additional property taxes;
   G.   To protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents, businesses and visitors of the E-O-PD overlay zone and surrounding areas;
   H.   To foster development in the E-O-PD overlay zone that is environmentally sensitive;
   I.   To ensure that development, which includes floor area in excess of the density or other zoning limitations of an underlying zone and deviations from the parking stall size and configuration standards of an underlying zone, shall not be a right of the property owner, but instead shall be permitted only upon a determination that such development would meet the objectives set forth in this section; and
   J.   To ensure that development in the E-O-PD overlay zone will not materially and adversely affect the businesses adjacent to the E-O-PD overlay zone. (Ord. 07-O-2542, eff. 1-18-2008)