10-3-1844: APPROVALS:
The Planning Commission may approve a planned development if the commission finds that the proposal will meet the requirements of this Code and will advance objectives of the zone in which it is located. The Planning Commission may impose such conditions and restrictions on the approval as are necessary to ensure that the planned development will advance objectives of the zone.
   A.   Vested Rights: The approval of a planned development shall not create any right to an extension of such approval or any vested right to develop the subject property in a manner that does not comply with the laws and regulations in effect at the time that the applicant obtains a building permit.
   B.   Notice Of Decision: Notice of the decision of the Planning Commission shall be provided to the applicant in the manner specified for notice of a hearing pursuant to section 10-3-1843 of this chapter.
   C.   Traffic Monitoring After Development Approval: The Planning Commission shall require as a condition of a planned development approval that the traffic generated by the development be periodically monitored, at the expense of the applicant, to ensure that the actual levels of traffic do not significantly exceed the levels of traffic anticipated by the environmental review of the development when it was approved. In the event that such monitoring shows there has been a significant increase in the anticipated traffic generation, the Planning Commission may impose additional traffic mitigation measures on the development that are reasonably necessary to mitigate the traffic to the anticipated levels. (Ord. 11-O-2610, eff. 8-7-2011)