10-3-1842: APPLICATION:
All planned development applications shall contain the following information:
   A.   The proposed distribution, location, and extent of the uses of land, including open space, in the subject zone and adjacent to the subject site including, but not limited to, site plans, photographs, elevations, garage layouts and landscaping plans.
   B.   The proposed physical improvements.
   C.   The proposed distribution, location, extent, and capacity of major components of public and private transportation, infrastructure, and other essential facilities proposed or affected by the proposal within the subject zone.
   D.   A program of implementation and operational measures which assure that the objectives of the subject zone are advanced, including a parking program.
   E.   A construction management program which addresses the following issues:
      1.   Fugitive dust,
      2.   Noise attenuation,
      3.   Air quality,
      4.   Hours of operation,
      5.   Street circulation and parking,
      6.   Employee parking,
      7.   Truck routing and staging,
      8.   Public notifications,
      9.   Pedestrian safety,
      10.   Holiday season considerations,
      11.   Truck traffic scheduling, and
      12.   Coordination with other construction activities in the vicinity of the project. (Ord. 91-O-2127, eff. 11-8-1991; amd. Ord. 92-O-2150, eff. 9-11-1992)