10-3-1823: DEFINITIONS:
Unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions shall govern the construction of this article:
CONVENIENCE SERVICES: Those services primarily for the convenience of the patrons of a retail department store, such as beauty salons and restaurants, that are customarily provided in a retail department store in the city of Beverly Hills and similar service oriented activities.
OVERLAY ZONE: A zoning district which governs the same territory as an underlying zone, but provides alternative development standards for a specified type of development or use.
PLANNED DEVELOPMENT: A development that is approved pursuant to the procedures of article 18.4 of this chapter.
RETAIL DEPARTMENT STORE: A single business establishment of the highest quality which sells several lines of tangible commodities directly to consumers and is organized in separate departments. Retail department store shall not include "discount stores", "warehouse stores" or "factory outlet stores" as those terms are customarily used or other stores of a similar kind. The kind of stores specifically excluded herein from the definition of "retail department store" shall not be considered as an exclusive listing of the stores that are not retail department stores for the purposes of this article.
UNDERLYING ZONE: The primary zone designation which would govern development on a particular site if such development were not otherwise governed by an overlay zone. (Ord. 91-O-2127, eff. 11-8-1991)