The uses of property in zone C-3B, a business zone, hereby are limited and defined as follows:
No lot in zone C-3B shall be used for any purpose other than a purpose permitted in zone C-3A, except that no manufacturing shall be permitted therein except retail merchandise to be sold upon and delivered from the premises to the ultimate consumer and in which not more than ten (10) persons are employed and in which no motor larger than one horsepower is used for such manufacturing. Automobile parking and the structures therefor shall be permitted in zone C-3B. No structure for any purpose shall be constructed or permitted in zone C-3B higher than two (2) stories or thirty five feet (35'), whichever is higher. No structure shall be constructed or permitted in zone C-3B which has a total floor area to site area ratio greater than two to one (2:1). No front or side setback need be maintained. Any automobile parking required for any structure in zone C-3B shall be provided in said zone or in the C-3 business zone as provided by this code. (1962 Code § 10-421; amd. Ord. 80-O-1770, eff. 10-2-1980)