No lot, premises, building or portion thereof in zone C-3T-3 shall be erected, constructed, built, altered, enlarged, built upon, used or occupied except for general office purposes. All other uses permitted or conditionally permitted in zone C-3, including medical office and medical laboratory uses, shall only be permitted if authorized by a conditional use permit issued pursuant to the procedures contained in article 38 of this chapter. In addition, such lot, premises, building or portion thereof shall be subject to the following restrictions:
   A.   All provisions of article 19.5 of this chapter;
   B.   A commercial structure shall not exceed two (2) stories or thirty five feet (35') in height, whichever is less, within the first thirty feet (30') in depth from that segment of the property line of the commercial parcel which is directly opposite a one-family residential zone. No mechanical penthouse, structure enclosing elevators or stairwells, or structure for unoccupied architectural features shall be permitted within such thirty foot (30') portion of the parcel;
   C.   A six foot (6') landscaped setback composed of mature vegetation of sufficient density to provide a texture, buffer, or screen as deemed appropriate for the location by the architectural commission shall be required along the commercial property line facing the residential zone; and
   D.   All restrictions applicable to C-3 zone. (Ord. 87-O-2013, eff. 1-14-1988; amd. Ord. 91-O-2133, eff. 12-5-1991; Ord. 99-O-2333, eff. 10-15-1999)