All uses permitted and conditionally permitted in the C-3 zone shall be permitted and conditionally permitted, respectively, in the C-3T-2 zone pursuant to the procedures set forth in article 16 of this chapter. The following additional restrictions shall also be applicable:
   A.   All provisions of article 19.5 of this chapter;
   B.   The height of any building or structure shall not exceed two (2) stories or thirty five feet (35'), whichever is less, and the density shall not exceed 1.33 to one (1.33:1), with the exception that the planning commission, pursuant to the criteria for a conditional use permit set forth in article 38 of this chapter, and without a mandatory environmental impact report, may approve a structure not exceeding three (3) stories or forty five feet (45') and/or a density not exceeding two to one (2:1), provided the development complies with the following conditions:
      1.   An additional setback shall be required from the rear property line; provided, further, such additional setback shall not exceed thirty three percent (33%) of the lot depth for any portion of the structure below two (2) stories and shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the lot depth for the third story.
      2.   The design of the facade and the structure facing residential uses shall be harmonious with the adjacent residential character in architectural style, color, and material.
      3.   Landscaping or other parklike amenities shall be required within the rear setback in conjunction with the design for loading, parking, trash removal, and access to and from the site.
      4.   Appropriate restrictions shall be imposed upon the use of the structure, including the hours of operation, additional parking, and parking restrictions in order to assure adequate on site parking and to limit the types of uses creating problems of noise, odor, or glare.
      5.   The intensity of use shall not exceed either sixteen (16) vehicle trips per hour, or two hundred (200) vehicle trips per day for each one thousand (1,000) gross square feet of floor area for uses as specified in the most recent edition of the Institute Of Traffic Engineers' publication entitled "Trip Generation", and if the use is not specified in such publication, the vehicle traffic generation for the proposed use shall be designated by the director of transportation.
   C.   All restrictions applicable to the C-3 zone. (Ord. 86-O-1985, eff. 1-1-1987; amd. Ord. 91-O-2133, eff. 12-5-1991)