Pet boarding facilities, as defined in section 10-3-100 of this chapter may be conditionally permitted as an ancillary use on properties in the C-3, C-3T-2, and C-5 Zones subject to the following:
   A.   Conditional Use Permit: A conditional use permit, pursuant to the provisions of article 38 of this chapter, shall be obtained prior to the issuance of any building permit for a pet boarding facility or commencement of any pet boarding facility use.
   B.   Standards: All pet boarding facilities shall comply with the following standards:
      1.   No more than thirty percent (30%) of the floor area of the business in which the boarding facility is located shall be used for a pet boarding facility;
      2.   No more than forty (40) animals shall be boarded on site at one time;
      3.   Boarding shall be conducted within a fully enclosed building. Exterior boarding, training and exercise facilities are not permitted;
      4.   Adequate enclosures shall be provided to keep animals from roaming freely within the building;
      5.   Adequate space within boarding areas for exercise exists for all pets on the premises;
      6.   Each dog boarding crate shall provide enough space for the dog to turn about freely, and stand, sit and lie in a comfortable, normal position. The interior height of the enclosure must be at least six inches (6") higher than the head of the dog in the enclosure measured when the dog is standing in a comfortable position;
      7.   The facility must have a minimum of sixty (60) square feet of dedicated boarding area per animal;
      8.   Each cat boarding crate shall provide enough space for the cat to turn about freely, and stand, sit and lie in a comfortable and normal position. In addition, an enclosure for a cat shall provide an elevated platform appropriate for the size of the cat;
      9.   Food waste, used bedding, debris and other waste shall be removed from all areas of the facility at least twice a day;
      10.   The operator of any pet boarding facility shall assign a staff member to check the public areas (alleys and sidewalks) adjacent to the facility at least twice per day. Any animal waste related to the operation of the facility shall be cleaned up immediately;
      11.   The boarding facility shall be licensed by the City of Los Angeles;
      12.   The pet boarding facility shall have an emergency evacuation plan and employees shall be trained regarding the plan. At a minimum this plan shall include:
         a.   A list of required emergency items to have on site;
         b.   A complete plan to address various types of disasters including transportation plan, gathering points, and a roll call system;
         c.   An established set of rules and regulations pertaining to disasters;
         d.   Communications procedures during a disaster;
         e.   A schedule for drills;
         f.   Identified temporary boarding sites for animals;
         g.   Established policies for dealing with injured animals, including identification of preselected veterinary facilities at which emergency care can be provided twenty four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week;
      13.   Proof of current vaccinations shall be required for all animals prior to accepting a pet for care or boarding services and copies of records shall be kept for each animal. This shall include rabies vaccination for dogs;
      14.   The pet boarding area shall be separate from the retail, grooming, or animal food storage areas;
      15.   The facility shall submit for approval a waste removal plan to the city;
      16.   No noise, odor, or other evidence of pet care shall be detectible by a person outside a building housing a pet boarding facility;
      17.   Use of front portion of the retail space: A pet boarding facility shall not occupy the first twenty feet (20') behind the storefront facing a street on the ground floor of any retail space that contains pet boarding;
      18.   There shall be no fewer than two (2) caretakers present at all times when boarding is taking place. A third caretaker shall be required when there are more than thirty five (35) boarded animals being cared for at one facility;
      19.   Staff on site shall have the following knowledge and credentials:
         a.   Ability to drive a car and possession of a valid driver's license;
         b.   Dog and cat CPR training;
         c.   At least six (6) months' experience at a facility that boards pets;
It is not necessary that one person meet all three (3) criteria, however, the collective staff on site at any given time must meet the criteria;
      20.   Interior space that includes adequate air conditioning and ventilation as to not require the opening of windows to avoid potential noise impacts;
      21.   No more than three (3) pets shall be walked by one caretaker at one time. The planning commission may impose conditions related to the route for dog walking;
      22.   The applicant shall submit the dog walking route(s) being proposed to the city for review and approval. Any dog walking route for a pet boarding facility located in the "business triangle" (defined below) shall proceed immediately to South Santa Monica Boulevard or Crescent Drive and take the shortest route possible along these streets to an area outside of and away from the business triangle.
      23.   The pet boarding facility shall not be allowed in retail establishments that are immediately adjacent to residential properties.
      24.   Outside of the "business triangle" (defined below), a pet boarding facility shall not be allowed in a building with nonconforming parking, loading or any nonconforming use.
   C.   Findings: In addition to the findings outlined in article 38 of this chapter, a conditional use permit shall only be issued if the planning commission finds that:
      1.   The proposed use is compatible with the area and surrounding uses;
      2.   Adequate loading and unloading space exists for the purpose of dropping off and picking up pets; and
      3.   Traffic entering or existing from the proposed pet boarding facility will not cause traffic or pedestrian hazards or undue congestion in the surrounding areas.
   D.   Maximum Number Of Animals: The planning commission, during its review of the conditional use permit, shall establish a maximum number of animals that may be in the pet boarding facility at one time, provided that such number shall not exceed forty (40) animals.
   E.   Parking: The addition of an ancillary pet boarding facility shall not increase the required parking above the parking required for the primary use. If valet parking is required by the conditional use permit, signage shall be located both on the inside and outside of the premises identifying the location of the valet parking. Proof of such signage shall be provided to the city upon request.
   F.   Business Triangle: Only one pet boarding facility shall be allowed in the business triangle. For purposes of this section, "business triangle" is defined as the area bounded by the centerline of Wilshire Boulevard, the centerline of Santa Monica Boulevard north roadway, and the centerline of Crescent Drive.
   G.   Review Or Revocation: A conditional use permit that has been issued for the purpose of establishing a pet boarding facility may be reviewed by the planning commission and revoked if it is found that any one or more of the following has occurred:
      1.   The permittee has failed to maintain the premises in a clean, safe, and sanitary condition;
      2.   The permittee is not adhering to the standards outlined in subsection B of this section;
      3.   The permittee failed to provide any animal in his or her control with adequate care, nutritious food in appropriate quantities suitable for the animal, free and easy access to potable water, and appropriate shelter; or
      4.   Documented evidence is submitted showing violations of any conditions of the approval that result in substantial noise, odor, or other disturbance of occupants or patrons of adjoining or nearby businesses and residences.
   H.   Sunset: The provisions allowing and regulating pet boarding facilities shall remain in effect for one year after adoption. The city council or planning commission may take action pursuant to this section on applications filed on or before December 1, 2017, and timely applications may be processed to conclusion. Unless the city council extends this section, the section shall be repealed as of one minute after twelve o'clock (12:01) A.M. on December 1, 2017. Conditional use permits granted during the effectiveness of these provisions may continue operating in conformance with the conditions of approval, and be extended as authorized in the conditional use permit, unless the conditional use permit is revoked by the city after a duly noticed hearing for failure to comply with the conditions of approval or because of unforeseen impacts of the use. (Ord. 16-O-2715, eff. 1-7-2017)