10-3-1620: CABARETS:
All cabarets shall comply with all of the following standards:
   A.   Queuing: No cabaret shall permit the queuing of patrons in the public right of way. Nor shall any cabaret permit the queuing of patrons in any stairwell or adjacent to any public entrance to the cabaret.
   B.   Employee Parking: All cabarets shall provide adequate parking on site for all employees or shall provide employee parking free of charge in a location approved by the director of transportation.
   C.   Parking: All off street parking areas and entries to the cabaret shall be illuminated from dusk to closing hours of operation with a lighting system that provides an average maintained horizontal illumination of one foot-candle of light on parking surfaces and walkways.
   D.   Noise: The premises within which the cabaret is located shall provide sufficient sound absorbing insulation so that noise generated inside the premises shall not be audible anywhere on adjacent property, public rights of way or within any separate unit within the same building.
   E.   Exterior Openings: To prevent noise generated inside the premises from adversely impacting adjacent property, exterior doors and windows of the cabaret shall not be propped or kept open at any time while the cabaret is open for business.
   F.   Street Frontage: A cabaret located on the ground floor of a building shall be no more than thirty five feet (35') wide, including, without limitation, the street frontage. However, this limitation shall only apply to the front half of the cabaret or the front sixty feet (60') of the cabaret, whichever is less. For the purposes of this section, the "front" of the cabaret shall mean the portion of the cabaret located closest to the front lot line.
      1.   Corner lots: If a cabaret has frontage along two (2) streets, then the width limitation set forth in this section shall apply along each street frontage. (Ord. 02-O-2409, eff. 11-8-2002)