A.   All exercise clubs and private training centers shall provide parking to their patrons at a fee no greater than that charged at the nearest public parking lot owned by the city of Beverly Hills.
   B.   Notwithstanding the provisions of section 10-3-2730 of this chapter, the planning commission may issue a conditional use permit pursuant to the provisions of article 38 of this chapter to allow up to fifty percent (50%) of the parking facilities of a use that is primarily daytime use to be used to satisfy the parking facilities required by this article for an exercise club or private training center considered to be primarily an early morning and/or nighttime use, provided the latter use has different peak hours of operation than the daytime use, and provided further that all of the following criteria are met:
   1.   The parking facilities are located on site in an existing building; and
   2.   The parking facilities have a minimum of five hundred (500) parking spaces; and
   3.   A parking utilization study prepared by a certified traffic engineer establishes, to the satisfaction of the planning commission, that the parking facilities required by this chapter exceed the demand for parking spaces that will be generated by the proposed use and the other uses in the subject building. (Ord. 94-O-205, eff. 8-6-1994; amd. Ord. 02-O-2415, eff. 12-19-2002; Ord. 12-O-2628, eff. 9-23-2012; Ord. 19-O-2795, 12-10-2019)