Mini-shopping centers shall be permitted only on properties greater than eighteen thousand (18,000) square feet in the C-3 zone which properties are located along streets other than Wilshire Boulevard and outside of the area bounded by Wilshire Boulevard to the south, by the centerline of Crescent Drive to the east, and by the centerline of Santa Monica Boulevard to the north and west, subject to the following conditions:
   A.   A conditional use permit, pursuant to the provisions of article 38 of this chapter, shall be obtained prior to the issuance of any building permit. The provisions of section 4.9 of council resolution 82-R-6525 do not apply to mini-shopping centers.
   B.   A conditional use permit may be issued only if the planning commission finds:
      1.   The proposed center will not be detrimental to and will be compatible with surrounding uses and properties and the public welfare;
      2.   Vehicle traffic generated by the proposed center, based on the current Institute of Traffic Engineers publication entitled "Trip Generation" or, if not specified therein, as designated by the transportation official, will not substantially exceed either of the following per one thousand (1,000) gross square feet of floor area:
         a.   Sixteen (16) vehicle trips per hour; or
         b.   Two hundred (200) vehicle trips per day;
      3.   Traffic entering onto or exiting from the proposed center will not cause traffic or pedestrian hazards or undue traffic congestion affecting surrounding areas, including, but not limited to, alleys and residential properties;
      4.   The design of the proposed center will be compatible with surrounding uses and properties;
      5.   The types of uses proposed for the center will be compatible with adjacent uses;
      6.   The hours of operation of the uses proposed for the center will not interfere with neighboring uses or properties;
      7.   The proposed center will have adequate buffering between the center and adjacent residential areas;
      8.   The proposed center's lighting and venting will not adversely affect neighboring uses or properties; and
      9.   The proposed center will have an adequate parking plan and parking layout. (Ord. 87-O-2009, eff. 11-19-1987)