A.   Goods, wares, and merchandise, including, but not limited to, automobile parts, accessories, and supplies, shall not be displayed or stored, nor shall auto body repair or major mechanical repair services be performed, except within an enclosed permanent structure. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to oil can racks at gas pumps or to the display of a maximum of five (5) automobile tires provided such display is located within five feet (5') of the main structure.
   B.   The premises shall be maintained in a neat and clean condition at all times.
   C.   Drainage facilities, protective devices, retaining structures, or buttress fills shall be installed and maintained to ensure that water and other liquids accumulating on the premises do not drain across public sidewalks. All drainage facilities shall be designed to carry surface waters to the nearest practical street, storm drain, or natural watercourse approved by the director of planning and/or other appropriate governmental agency as a safe place to deposit such waters.
   D.   Automobile service stations existing on May 18, 1971, shall comply with the provisions of subsection A of this section on or before November 18, 1971, and shall comply with the provisions of subsection C of this section on or before May 18, 1972. (Ord. 71-O-1414, eff. 6-17-1971; amd. Ord. 91-O-2133, eff. 12-5-1991)