Hand laundries shall be permitted in zone C-3 only on the following conditions:
   A.   Washing Machines And Mangles: Hand laundries shall use only washing machines of the ordinary household type, not to exceed four (4) in number and not more than one mangle which shall be of the ordinary household type.
   B.   Steam Boilers: Steam boilers shall not be permitted in any hand laundry, but hot water heaters of the ordinary household type may be used.
   C.   Machines To Be Electric Driven: All machines used in connection with any such laundry shall be individually driven by electric motors.
   D.   Enclosure Required For Clothes Lines: Should any of the clothes washed in such laundry be hung on the outside of the building or on top of the building in which the laundry is operated, the space where clothes are hung shall be surrounded by a fence or wall at least seven feet (7') above the ground level or roof level.
   E.   Noise Restrictions: Such hand laundries may be maintained or operated only when the noise of laundry operations cannot be detected by a person outside the building in which a laundry is being conducted. (1962 Code § 10-409)